Firewood Thame

Firewood Thame Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

At our farm based near Thame in Oxfordshire we supply fully seasoned, locally sourced firewood, and from sustainable woods, soft and hardwood logs.  All of our firewood is sourced from trees cut as part of our Agricultural business, that require pollarding or cutting to encourage new and better growth. This ensures our firewood is always local and will not have travelled many miles prior to being cut into firewood logs. The wood is cut into logs on site, barn stored to allow them to dry and season naturally in readiness for use on purchase. We can supply to commercial and domestic customers within a 15 mile radius of Thame free of charge, we offer very flexible delivery times.  If you are outside this area please do contact us.

All of our firewood logs are cut to a standard 10 inches to fit most stoves. If you have a specific size requirement then please do contact us.  Logs are sold in cubic metre bags (roughly 450 logs per bag – depending on size)

We deliver logs in cubic metre bags. If you choose to have your logs kept in the bag we ask for a £10 fully refundable deposit on return for each bag.  We also offer a tipout service where the logs are tipped out at your location for no additional charge.  If you choose the bag option and then place subsequent orders, the £10 deposit is a one off fee and we can deliver new orders in the bag in return for your previous empty bag.’


Hardwood – £95

Firewood Thame

Softwood  – £50

Free 15 mile delivery of Firewood

FREE 15 Mile Delivery

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Hardwood – £95 for 1 Cubic Metre Bag

Number of 1 Cubic Metre Bags

Hardwood logs are supplied in cubic metre bags with mixed varieties.  Hardwood is a slow burning wood suitable for wood burning stoves, outdoor appliances and open fires.

Softwood  – £50 for 1 Cubic Metre Bag

One cubic metre bag is £50.00, each additional bag is charged at £47.50 per cubic metre on orders of 2 or more in one delivery.

Number of 1 Cubic Metre Bags

Softwood is our most popular selling firewood, it burns easily and hotter than hardwood.  The majority of our softwood comes from willow trees but every bag will have a mix of tree varieties.  Softwood is ideal for wood burning stoves and outdoor appliances.

We do not recommend use on open fires due to the possibility of the wood spitting.  One cubic metre bag is £50.00, we do offer a small discount on orders of 2 or more cubic metres in one delivery.

Kindling – Large bags of kindling are available for purchase at £5.00 with every firewood order.

Number of Kindling Bags
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